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In AMR / AMI, smart meters fields, long-lasting, highly dependable, lightweight, autonomous, wide working temperatures are key factors for selecting power source.

The main power for Automatic Meter Reading ( AMR ) products such as walk-by meter reading, drive-by meter reading, fixed networks; Advanced Metering Infrastructure
( AMI ) , Automated Meter Management ( AMM ) , is Li-SOCl2 battery.

When a meter no longer works because of batteries, costs can quickly add up when sending technicians out to assess the situation, bother homeowners, replace systems, etc.. the right battery solution is become very important. Highly dependable and long-lasting are key requirements.

Green Energy is one of premier designer and manufacturer of specialist Li-SOCl2 batteries for those high-end applications. Our products are suitable for hi-tech indoor and outdoor metering applications with the following key characteristics:
  Operational lives of over 20 years with self-discharge rate less than 1% per year at 20oC;
  High energy density up to 650Wh / kg and 1280Wh / L;
  Excellent safety is recognized and regularly supervised by Underwriters Laboratories, and meet UN transportation test
  Wide operation temperature from -55oC to 85oC;
  Hermetically sealed case and stainless steel.

Because AMR / AMI, power requirements vary from pulses of a few milliamps for operation over a few feet, to around several Amps to reach over several kilometers, selection of the correct battery cell type is essential. By offering different size of Li-SOCl2 from 1 / 2AA to D cells with two structures of bobbin and spiral type, Green Energy can provide the perfect solution for your metering to meet your requirements.

In AMI networks field, more and more company utilizing advanced 2-way communications that demand high current pulses and standby small current, we can provide the best solution for you, bobbin type of Li-SOCl2 batteries with super capacitors is the best choice. Compared to common capacitors, super capacitors have high capacitance and high energy density. Compared to batteries, super capacitor has higher power density that means super capacitor can bear high current pulses, reduce harm to batteries. When Li-SOCl2 batteries in parallel with super capacitors, not only provided high current pulses but also can prolong the life time of Li-SOCl2 batteries.

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