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Green Energy Battery prides itself on supporting high technical OEM's in all fields. Proficiency in building Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Lithium Ion and polymer, Lithium Phosphate and Nickel-Metal Hydride battery and battery packs uniquely positions, Green Energy to meet the needs of customers across a broad range of applications.

Small, light, high-capacity Li-Ion battery and battery packs for the gaming and entertainment world are a core part of what Green Energy is able to supply for an increasingly diverse marketplace. Safety is key for consumer products and Green Energy prides itself on using only the highest quality brands to ensure that highest level of safety for its customers.

Green Energy also has expertise in building larger, high-power Li-Ion and lithium phosphate battery packs for motive applications requiring high current and sustainable run time. Often these types of applications require highly customized protection and monitoring circuitry which Green Energy can also facilitate.

From in-vehicle breathalizers to hotel door locks, from Ice Flows in the Artic to your living room, Green Energy Battery is equipped to meet your battery needs no matter what marketplace your company operates in.

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