Wireless Data Loggers

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Data Loggers are stand alone instruments that sample and process data, send alarms, and store information to local memory for later download and analysis, or autonomously transfer data back to a central station.

Data Logger is available for lots of applications, ranging from energy audits and field product testing to measurement and verification, environmental chamber data acquisition, environmental testing ( monitoring temperature, humidity, wind speed, vibration and other parameters ) , as well as energy reporting, metering and process optimization. Green Energy AA size battery was proved for ultra low temperature data logger under -82oC.

In many cases, Data Loggers are located in remote locations with severe conditions where access to AC power is either impossible or not cost efficient. In such instances, a self-contained, battery powered solution is required. High energy bobbin type lithium thionyl chloride battery is the best choice.

If the Data Logging device requires high current pulses, Green Energy spiral type battery or bobbin type & super capacitor solution could be suitable.

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