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AVL ( Automatic Vehicle Location Device ) is a powerful concept for managing fleets of vehicles, as service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and especially precious construction equipment, also public transport vehicles. It is also used to track mobile assets, such as non wheeled construction equipment, non motorized trailers, and mobile power generators.

Asset Tracking refers to tracking the valued assets. RFID-based and GPS asset tracking technology have been using to manage the movements of commercial fleets, cargo shipped by air, land or sea.

At present, the tracking system is typically powered by a self-contained battery.

There are two battery powered solutions: one is rechargeable Li-ion / Li-polymer batteries, the other is non rechargeable lithium thionyl chloride batteries.

Which kind of batteries for you products, it is greatly decide by environments of your products are used and your products assets which kind of fields. Usually, high capacity rechargeable lithium battery can work 4-6 months after charging. But the cycle life is over 500 times.

Green Energy rechargeable lithium battery has following characteristics:
  High energy density, high and stable operating voltage, with average voltage over 3.7V;
  Long cycle life over 500 times;
  Good lower temperature performance and low self-discharge rate less than 2% per month;
  No memory effect, High safety, environmental friendly;
  No restrict for dimension.

Also, some trackers powered by Primary lithium thionyl chloride batteries with 7-10 years operation life. It is really free maintains.

If there are any questions about battery for your asset and container tracking system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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