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RTLS is Real-time location system, such as real time doctor and patience route tracking, real time freight or asset tracking in a train or truck, educational program, missing child tracking, warehouse management and etc.. Li-SOCl2 and Li-ion / Li-polymer battery often be used as power for those products.

Real-time Location System can be used in hospital for doctor and patience route tracking , warehouse manage, in those application, Li-ion / Li-polymer rechargeable battery can be used, for the high energy, high operation voltage, long cycle life, no memory effects, high safety, and save cost.

When some place hard-to-access locations where hardwired AC power is either impossible or not cost effective, at the same time, harsh environmental temperature and conditions, small sized, lightweight and long term usage ,then Li-SOCl2 batteries would be best choices, Such as Real-time Location System can be applied to animal tracking. It mainly uses GPS networks instead of neighborhood communication system in the wild areas. Animals shall wear tracking devices for the tracking of their moving route and ecology.

When Real-time Location System in some warm environmental temperature and conditions, Li-ion / Li-polymer rechargeable battery is best choice for saving cost, any product with battery power in the field, you can get best choice for you products from Green Energy.

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