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High energy lithium thionyl chloride batteries provide long term, maintenance-free power for wireless mesh networks.

With the development of Information-Communication Technology, the application in Wireless Mesh Networks in demanding of Li-SOCl2 batteries are more and more growing with their good benefits of high voltage, good voltage stability, long service life, long shelf life, wide temperature coverage and good safety.

In Wireless Mesh Networks, some place is most challenging in hard-to-access locations where hardwired AC power is either impossible or not cost effective. For applications that require self-contained, long term life time, and high reliability, operation in harsh condition battery, the bobbin type of Li-SOCl2 batteries is perfect battery solution.

From small size 1 / 2AA bobbin type to DD size Li-SOCl2 batteries in Green Energy, you can always find a battery type to fit your product design.

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