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Advanced Li-ion battery is for next generation solar Parking Meters ( parking pay stations )

For city dwellers, Parking Meters are a sometimes annoying fact of life, requiring good timing to find an open spot, and then digging up the necessary spare change to feed the meter. But solar power is making the Parking Meter more user friendly---and making some cities more money in revenue, the card payment system, tracking of real-time data, and wireless technology that can send information via a web-based management system is powered by solar energy and a rechargeable battery pack. In daytime, the battery was charged by solar energy, and under night, battery is fully been charged and provide power to Parking Meter.

Compared to NI-MH battery, rechargeable Li-ion has high energy density, lightweight, no maintenance, high operation voltage, long cycle life, no memory effects; compared to Lead-Acid battery, rechargeable Li-ion battery are more cleaning energy.

Rechargeable Li-ion produced by Green Energy is the right choice for the applications.

Long life Li-SOCl2 battery for Vehicle Detection Sensor in parking system

Some Vehicle Detection Sensor was put on outdoors integrated with Parking Meters, Sensors communicate wirelessly with Parking Meters that can record how long the car is parked, when the card is depart from the place, Detection Sensor will send information to meters. The Vehicle Detection Sensors communicate wirelessly to the Parking Meter, which means there is no need to install expensive, complicated mesh networks. Some Vehicle Detection Sensor provide wireless, simple, cost-effective and reliable way to detect if a parking space is occupied in outdoors.

Such as one of Vehicle Detection Sensor is magnetic sensors can be mounted at any point, in any direction ( rail, wall, under ground ) making them high flexible. its can be integrated with controller and display signage to monitor and control traffic in enclosed parking area, basement parking, open parking system, monitoring parking space etc..

Those Vehicle Detection Sensor were powered by battery, work in outdoors circumstances, and long-lasting without maintains, tinny dimension. The best battery is Li-SOCl2 batteries, such as 3.6V AA battery and D battery, for high energy density, long operation life over 20 years, wide operation temperature, stainless scan that resistant to water, salt and snow.

Li-SOCl2 batteries produced by Green Energy are you right choice. We have many customers all over the world in the fields, and we have provided many effective battery solutions for them with our several years experience in the fields. If you trust us, then contact us, list your requirements, we will give you satisfied answers.

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