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Ultracapacitor, Supercapacitor, Gold Capacitor or EDLC ( Electric Double Layer Capacitor ) as they are also called, look very much like batteries. They have double layer construction consisting of two carbon electrodes immersed in an organic electrolyte. See right:
During charging, the electrically charged ions in the electrolyte migrate towards electrodes of pposite polarilty due to the electric field between the charged elect-rodes created by the applied voltage. Thus two separate charged layers areproduced. Although similar to a battery, the double layer capacitor depends onelectrostatic action. Since no chemical action is involved the effect is easily reversible and typical cycle life is hundreds of thousands of cycles.

Main Features:
High power avaliable and high power density
Very Fast Charge and Discharge. Can be charge and discharge in seconds
Long cycle life of more than 500,000 cycles at 100% DOD
No chemical actions
Low impedance
Low current leakage
Green Energy

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